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BigCommerce Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment App Order Log Page

BigCommerce AMCF Order Status Dashboard

Our order log page contains:
  1. One drop-down menu: Order Status.
  2. One search field: BigCommerce Order ID.
  3. One button: Import Order button.

Order Status:

From, here you can filter the orders that are either: Pending, Accepted By Amazon, Rejected By Amazon, Canceled, Closed, Partially Shipped, and Error. To know about what these order statuses mean, please click here.

For example: If you want to search all the Accepted By Amazon orders, simply select the "Accepted By Amazon" criteria from this "Order Status" drop-down menu and click on the Search button.

Order ID:

If you want to see the Order Date, Order Status, and the necessary action required on a particular order, simply enter its Order ID in the "BigCommerce Order ID" field, and hit the Search button.

Notes: To view the reason of a failed order, simply click on its respective order status. For example: If the order status is "Rejected by Amazon", then simply click on it to view the reason of its failure. To know how to Re-submit an order, please click here.

Import Order Button:

Click on this button, if you want to import your past orders into the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment to push them to your Amazon FBA marketplaces for their fulfillment. You can import these past orders either using your preferred dates OR order IDs.

To know more on different orders statuses, please refer here below.

In case, you have any questions OR need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at