How to place custom segment mapping using Robust NetSuite Integrator ?

How to place custom segment mapping using Robust NetSuite Integrator ?

What is Customer Segment ?

The Custom Segments feature lets you create custom classification fields similar to class, department, and location. You can create an unlimited number of custom segments, define possible values for each segment, and add the segments to specific record types. People working in NetSuite can then use the segments to classify records appropriately.
To work with custom segments, you must enable the Custom Segment feature at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features 

How to place Customer Segment mapping ?

Step 1

Open Oracle NetSuite , if you have a customer segment field to add in Robust NetSuite then copy the ID , if not follow the path Customization>>Lists, Records, &Fields>> Customer Segments. Below is the screenshot to explain your virtually

Step 2

Keeping reference from the below screenshot to understand virtually , the customer segment field can be created with the following details shown in the image

Step 3

Once done , open the application Robust NetSuite Integrator , open the Fields Mapping page , Under the Transaction Custom Fields Mapping, Click on Add NetSuite Custom Field , place the mapping as per the below screenshot 

To help you check all your future orders, further scroll down to the Classification sub-tab. Below is a screenshot to help you understand this visually.

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