Duplicate SKUs notifications via Amazon MCF by WebBee

Duplicate SKUs notifications via Amazon MCF by WebBee


Duplicate SKUs notifications via Amazon MCF by WebBee, though there is no duplicate SKU mapped in app.

As a merchant you might have added same SKUs with more than one products/ items in Shopify.
OR could be the case where you have multiple variants under same products.

You can add the same however if you have inventory/ stock source-Amazon seller to sync back inventory to Shopify, then with same SKUs for multiple variants/ products this could be an issue and may result as inventory is never updated correctly back to Shopify.


You are recommended to have unique SKU for each variant/ each product.
This can help to sync the data-inventory, orders and tracking etc. correctly from Amazon to Shopify or visa-versa. In case you have such duplicate SKUs then just review them in Shopify and change/ edit to make them with unique name/ value, so that those are not duplicate anymore.

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