WebBee Integrator: Onboarding Overview

eBay & Amazon MCF Integration via WebBee Integrator: Onboarding Overview

Now you can connect your eBay web store with Amazon FBA via our app "WebBee Integrator" 
for managing orders, inventory, and tracking.

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Also, as a merchant you can add many sales channels via our app. 

Overview Page:


Here you can find below options:
1. Today's orders
2. Last 7 days orders
3. Total Orders
4. Total unsync orders
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dashboard via WebBee Integrator


Here you can add a new eBay account if you click on "create a new user account"
You can turn on or turn off the sync toggles for orders, inventory, price or tracking as needed. To authenticate the account please click on edit and do the changes if required.
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Channels in WebBee Integrator


The merchant can find here the orders for an eBay account as per the date range selected or all orders.
In case there is a need to import past orders/ historical data too that also can be fetched here.
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Product Linking:

On this page, you will find following options for SKUs.
Account, ERP SKU, SKU, Status, Search, Import and Edit.
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