Channels Overview

eBay & Amazon MCF via WebBee Integrator: Channels Overview

This helps to add/ configure channels and ERP correctly with required features. This enables the integration live between eBay Store and Amazon MCF via our app.

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How to add channels-eBay and Amazon MCF?

Steps to add eBay account

Steps to add Amazon MCF account

Steps to add eBay: 

1. Open our app after sign-in steps.

SignIn WebBee Integrator.

2. Post sign-in click on "Channels" and select Create a new user Account

add channel  in WebBee Integrator.

3. Add eBay Account Name and select marketplace Account Location for same eBay account.
Channel account in WebBee Integrator.

4. For example:  if you are adding AU eBay as an account. Please click on connect.

Connect Channel in WebBee Integrator.

5. Add the current date for last order fetch date and click on save and authenticate and then re-authenticate.

Re-authenticate Channel account in WebBee Integrator.

Steps to add Amazon MCF account:

1. Now follow similar above steps to add your preferred Amazon MCF account.
2. After selecting one of them

Amazon mcf in WebBee Integrator.

3. Click on  "Save and Authenticate "

Authenticate Amazon mcf in WebBee Integrator.

Once authenticated, your accounts are connected for eBay & Amazon MCF and you are good to go!!
Just wait for new live eBay orders to sync via our app now to Amazon FBA.

Connected channels in WebBee Integrator.

In case, you have any questions / want some assistance, feel free to reach out to us at