Error: [Code=UNIQUE_CUST_ID_REQD] A customer record with this ID already exists.

Error: [Code=UNIQUE_CUST_ID_REQD] A customer record with this ID already exists.

The reason why this or similar orders got rejected by NetSuite

It seems that a customer record with this "NetSuite Internal ID" already exists inside NetSuite, as a result, our app couldn't sync this order to NetSuite.

How to fix this error:

Step 1:

  1. Open NetSuite and from the top-navigation pane click on the Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers
  2. Inside the Entities sub-tab, make sure to (check / enable) the (Customer Type & Allow Override) fields
  3. Once, done save the changes

Step 2:

  1. Open the BigCommerce NetSuite Integrator, and go to the Order Log page
  2. In the Order ID field, enter the Order ID of this rejected order, and hit the Search button
  3. In the action tab, click on the Re-submit button
  4. Upon, successful re-submission, you will see the status of this order changed to Accepted by NetSuite
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