How to check if the app is configured correctly?

How to check if the app is configured correctly?

A Shopify Merchant using Amazon MCF by WebBee app can check its correct configuration by placing a test order on his Shopify store and finding the same order on the Amazon Seller Central.

For example, a test order with no #1001 on a Shopify store if is also found on Amazon Seller Central for the shipping by the FBA thus ensure that our App has successfully been installed and configured on Shopify store. The order reaches from Shopify store to Amazon Seller Central due to auto sync and integration features of the App. 

However, there are followings points for our app to work and to get configured correctly.

1. FBA marketplace (under Marketplace settings / Amazon MCF settings) is enabled in our app
 (And this should be activated in Amazon seller to export FBA / MCF orders to its respective marketplace too undea Professional seller central account.)

2. Product linking should be updated.

3. Sync toggles under Marketplace settings / Amazon MCF settings should be turned on as required for Inventory, tracking and orders.

4. Shipping speeds/methods should be added as required for orders.

5. Shopify mandatory settings for our Integration.

Also place some test orders to check the sync via our app for orders, inventory and tracking id etc.
This way it is clearly assessed whether an order is being successfully passed out or not.

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