How to check WebBee Auto MultiChannel App for Shopify is configured correctly?

How to check WebBee Auto MultiChannel App for Shopify is configured correctly?

A seller on Shopify using WebBee Shopify Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment app can check its correct configuration by placing a test order on his Shopify store and finding the same order on the Amazon Seller Central.

For example a test order with no #1001 on a Shopify store if is also found on Amazon Seller Central for the shipping by the FBA thus ensure that the Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment App has successfully been installed and configured on Shopify store. The order reaches from Shopify store to Amazon Seller Central due to auto sync and integration features of the App. 

However in order to an app to work and configured following information is required to be filled up.

    1. MWS Auth Token and Seller ID, therefore are required to be filled in the application allowing an Access to the App to Amazon FBA services.

2 . All the important information including fulfillment location on the configuration page for the shipping should be filled up adequately in the below respective fields.   

    3. The store location and the shipping rates for the fulfillment services are to be filled at the at the admin section of a Shopify store. You can set the shipping rates and store location at on your store.    


The next important detail to be filled out there is order processing at the check out for successful data sync between Amazon FBA and Shopify for fulfillment include setting only enabling gift cards only to be fulfilled by Shopify where as rest will be send by Amazon itself.

[your store]

This way it is clearly assessed whether an order is being successfully passed out or not.