Shopify Shipping Address

How to delete/ manage your Shopify shipping speeds & rates?

Step 1:

Open your Shopify store settings, click on the Shipping and delivery option, further click on the Manage hyperlink corresponding to whichever Shopify shipping rates i.e. (General, Custom) you have configured. Below is a screenshot to help you understand this visually.

Step 2:

Delete your preferred shipping rates OR an entire zone, further hit the Save button. Below is a screenshot to help you understand this visually.

Shipping Address Dashboard

Also if required you can delete the Custom Shipping methods in our app too which are not required anymore. Kindly follow the steps below:
Configuration>>App settings >> Show Default Shopify shipping speeds relevant to order>>Configure
Now click on delete option under action to remove the mapping not required anymore.

Custom Shipping Method

Important Note:

If you have turned-on both Amazon's real-time shipping speeds as well as Shopify shipping rates, then at order checkout, for a similar shipping method (with similar values like shipping fees, order total, etc.), either a Shopify shipping rate will be displayed OR an Amazon's real-time shipping speed, so it is requested to turn-on either of those, not both, as Shopify will give preference to its own shipping rate, further your customers won't be able to see Amazon's real-time shipping speeds.

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