How to delete your Shopify shipping rates?

How to delete your Shopify shipping rates?

Step 1:

Open your Shopify store settings and click on Shipping and delivery.

Step 2:

Click on Manage rates for whichever shipping rates i.e. (General, Custom) you have configured. In our case, we have configured Custom Shipping rates.

Step 3:

Delete your preferred shipping rates OR an entire zone, further hit the Save button.

Important Note:

If you have turned-on both Amazon's real-time shipping speeds as well as Shopify shipping rates, then at order checkout, for a similar shipping method (with similar values like shipping fees, order total, etc.), either a Shopify shipping rate will be displayed OR an Amazon's real-time shipping speed, so it is requested to turn-on either of those, not both, as Shopify will give preference to its own shipping rate, further your customers won't be able to see Amazon's real-time shipping speeds.

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