Shopify Fulfillment by Non-Amazon FBA

How to fulfill Shopify products via non-Amazon FBA warehouses using Shopify ?

If an order contains products that are of two OR more different warehouses, and you want to process them the right way, then you should archive products i.e. (SKUs) inside our app (using the Products Linking page) that are of non-Amazon FBA warehouses, while leaving the Amazon FBA products (SKUs) as unarchived.

Example: If an order contains 3 products out of which (2 are archived/Non-Amazon, and 1 is non-archived/FBA SKU), then our app will push the non-archived SKUs to your Amazon FBA warehouses for their fulfillment while sending you an email mentioning that an order has been placed with 2 archived SKUs just to aware you, so that you fulfill them manually from your choice of non-Amazon FBA warehouses.

To learn about archived items, please click here.

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