BigCommerce Amazon MCF integration app

Onboarding overview | BigCommerce: Auto Multi-Channel fulfillment app

Just added our app to your BigCommerce store?
Great!! Below is an onboarding overview of our BigCommerce: Auto Multi-Channel fulfillment app.

Step 1:

Open your BigCommerce store, go to the App sections of it. Install our Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment/ Amazon MCF by WebBee app, and open it, further click on the next button to start the onboarding process.

BigCommerce integration dashboard

Step 2:

Now add FBA marketplace and click on connect.
Once connected it will authorize the connection automatically between BigCommerce store and Amazon seller via our app. Also, it will take you back/ re-direct to our app again.

Add Amazon Credentials

Step 3:

Click here to learn about every single BigCommerce setting our app.

BigCommerce setting

Step 5:

Enable the desired syncs i.e. Order, Inventory, OR Tracking Sync as per your use cases.

Marketplace settings

You have successfully onboarded to our BigCommerce: Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app.

In case, you have any questions OR need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at