fulfilled by Shopify

Why are orders showing as Fulfilled by Shopify in the app-Amazon MCF by WebBee?

What is Fulfilled by Shopify status?

This status means that the order has been fulfilled by Shopify.

Reason :

There is an option in Shopify admin settings where you can mark line items of Shopify orders automatically fulfilled as soon as orders are placed/ created by customers. This change shows orders in our app with status
" Fulfilled by Shopify".  However, you are yet to fulfill such orders in actual.

How to resolve this issue?

1. You can refer to link below for one of mandatory settings to be enabled as Automatically fulfill only the gift cards of the order. click here.

2. The current orders with " Fulfilled by Shopify" status can be unarchived in our app and then you can re-submit them to Amazon FBA for fulfillment (if required).

ulfilled by Shopify in Amazon MCF by WebBee

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