Products Listing from Amazon to Shopify

Products Listing from Amazon to Shopify

The products listing in Amazon MCF by WebBee App works from Amazon seller to Shopify admin store. This feature will help you to fetch new products from Amazon seller to our app and then you can list them to Shopify.



For the same, please go to our App>>Configuration>>App Settings>> Product Listing>>Select "Yes". Thereafter, go to the Product linking page>>Select "Product Listing".
Note: please make sure that the Amazon FBA SKUs should be listed and with active status there in your Amazon Seller account.


Step 2

Now click on "Fetch items from Amazon" to import new products from Amazon seller.
(Please note that we can fetch new Amazon listings only, not the existing ones which are already there with SKUs in our app under Products Linking.)


Step 3 

Please allow a moment as this is getting the data fetched from Amazon seller.


Step 4 

Here you will find products from Amazon seller with unlisted status.


Step 5

Now list these products to Shopify web store. You can choose some of them or all as required.

 Step 6

Once listed you can see new Amazon products at Shopify with SKUs, quantity, price, images etc.. (Please note that this is an one-time process only, not recurring for newly listed Amazon listings.)



In case, you have any questions OR need some assistance, you can always reach out to us at .