How to configure Amazon's real-time shipping rates & dates during a Shopify order checkout?

How to configure Amazon's real-time shipping rates & dates during a Shopify order checkout?

If you are planning to display Amazon's real-time shipping rates & dates to your customers during an order's checkout, then you can always configure them using our Shopify Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app.


  1. Go to the Apps section of your Shopify store, and click on the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app
  2. Open the Configuration Page > App Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Show All Amazon shipping speeds to Customer (Amazon's Real-time shipping rates) setting>>select Yes (This depends on if your current Shopify plan supports the feature-Carrier calculated services.)
  4. Click on the Configure button to see the below displayed options.
  5. The primary Amazon fulfillment methods are Standard, Expedited, and Priority.

    1. Show on Website: If you turn on this toggle, then we will start showing the selected shipping method along with its defined values during an order checkout.
    2. Override: If you want to give a custom name to any shipping method, just check the Override box, further enter its name in the name box, and hit the Save button.
    3. Shipping Cost Markup: This can be done by either a Flat Fee OR a Percentage of the total shipping fee. For example: If Amazon's standard shipping rate is $5.00, and you added a $5 flat markup, then during checkout, $10 will be the total shipping cost that will be displayed to the customer. 

      Note: If you want to offer discounted shipping, then enter a negative value. For example, $5 (flat fee) OR -5% (percentage fee).

    4. Free over (Order total): If you want to offer a free shipping cost, above a certain order value, just enter the amount in this field, and hit the Save button.
    5. Fail-over Rate : A default rate if no rate is returned by Amazon. This can be added by the Shopify merchant if required.

      Note: Make sure to hit the "Save" button, after modifying anything in this Add Markup option.
Once, you configure these above methods, your customers will be seeing Amazon's real-time shipping rates & dates like this below-displayed image.

Important Note: it is recommended to use either Amazon's real-time shipping rates OR Shopify's configured shipping rates. If you are interested in using Amazon's real-time shipping rates, please make sure to delete your existing Shopify shipping rates. Click here to learn why & how to delete Shopify shipping rates.

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