How to hold orders for upselling applications like Zipify, etc.?

How to hold orders for upselling applications like Zipify, etc.?

If you are using upselling applications like Zipify, etc., and allowing your customers to increase the order cart value, then you can still use our Shopify Auto Multi-Channel fulfillment app to sync such orders to your Amazon FBA marketplaces for their fulfillment.


  1. Go to the Apps section of your Shopify admin store, and click on Amazon MCF by WebBee app.
  2. Go to App settings section under Configuration.
  3. Scroll down to the Hold orders for Post-purchase order edits setting.

  1. Click on the Time Period (in minutes) drop-down menu
  2. Select a time frame i.e. (10 mins, 30 mins, or 2 hours, etc.) by which you want our app to sync such upsell orders to your Amazon FBA marketplaces. Now, whatever time you have selected in the above-mentioned setting will be used to delay such upsell orders from being synced to your Amazon FBA marketplaces. 
  3. Save the changes from the bottom of this Shopify setting section
  4. The orders in the Order Log will start showing as Delayed_Order post this setting configuration.

Note: This will be applicable to all your Amazon FBA marketplaces. In case, you want to push these delayed orders to your Amazon FBA marketplaces immediately, then go to the Order Log page, filter your Amazon FBA marketplaces, and click on the resubmit button corresponding to such delayed orders. This feature is part of Plus plan and Enterprise plan.

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