eCommerce Marketplace | Out-of-Stock Buffer

How to set-up out-of-stock quantity buffer to avoid overselling Shopify products?

If you are worried about overselling your products and want to set up a quantity buffer on Shopify, then you can always configure such a buffer using our Shopify Auto Multi-Channel fulfillment app.


  1. Go to the Apps section of your Shopify store, and click on the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app
  2. Open the Configuration Page > Marketplace SettingsShow Additional Settings (Including Inventory Sync settings) > Out Of Stock Quantity Buffer On Amazon
  3. Whatever number you enter in this "Out Of Stock Quantity Buffer On Amazon" field will reduce the inventory of your products inside Shopify by that number

    Example: If on Amazon inventory of a product is 5 and you set 5 inside this above-mentioned setting, then inside Shopify our app will update the inventory to 0.
Marketplace additional settings dashboard
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