Shopify Settings | Amazon MCF configuration

Mandatory Shopify settings to configure before using Amazon MCF by WebBee

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Now start using this step-by-step guide to connect our Auto Multi-Fulfillment Channel app (now Amazon MCF app by WebBee) with your Shopify store.

Also there are below Mandatory Shopify settings to configure before using our Amazon MCF app by WebBee.

Step 1

Choose "Shopify" under the Inventory managed by setting:

1. Go to the Products page in Shopify admin store.
2. Scroll down to the Inventory section, and select Shopify location that is in our app to use for inventory update.

Inventory section
This location should be added with all your FBA SKUs and afterwards only this can sync inventory numbers from Amazon seller to Shopify for mapped/ linked FBA SKUs.

Amazon Seller to Shopify dashboard

Shopify setting dashboard
Note: You can add the same way for all your product variants as well. To learn how to do this in bulk, please feel free to get in touch with team Shopify.

Step 2

Shopify Order checkout setting:

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout and accounts.

2. Scroll down to the Order processing section, and under the After an order has been paid setting, select Automatically fulfill only the gift cards of the order, further hit the Save button.

Order processing section

Step 3: 

3. Deactivate Native Amazon integration if that is already existing with your Shopify store
before start using our app. Please deactivate the same and then check new upcoming orders. The issue should not come again. The steps are:

Shopify settings>>Shipping and delivery >>Scroll down at bottom and under Fulfillment by Amazon just deactivate the option "deactivate" there and save.

Actually, via our app you are already integrating/syncing Shopify orders and sending them to Amazon FBA. So, another integration for same purpose is redundant/ not required. If you are using native Amazon integration already along with our app, that is one of the reasons your Tracking details along with orders fulfillment status would not be updating correctly.

Our app Amazon MCF by WebBee

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