TikTok Integration via Amazon MCF by WebBee app: Configuration

TikTok & Amazon Integration via Amazon MCF by WebBee app: Configuration Page Overview

Our configuration page contains 3 sections:

  1. App Settings

  2. Amazon MCF Settings

  3. Non-Amazon Channels

App Settings

The section contains the settings that are related to your TikTok store.

Email Notifications to Admin:

  1. Admin Email: Here you should add the email on which you want to be notified about any (change or an error) related information. You can also add multiple email addresses separated by a "," example: Email1@mystore.com, Email2@mystore.com, Email3@mystore.com.
  2. Send Daily SKU Mismatch Email Notifications to Admin: If it is set to "Yes", then every day you will receive emails from us, containing a list of items that have mismatched SKUs between your TikTok store and Amazon FBA. To update these mismatched SKUs, go to our "Products Linking Page".
  3. Send Archived (Non-Amazon Fulfilled Items) Notifications to Admin: To know about this setting, please click here.

Hold orders:

  1. If you are using an upsell app, further want to delay the sync of your TikTok orders to Amazon, then from this setting you can either delay it for some time...up to 72 hrs.) By default, TikTok orders are imported to our app after every 60 min/ 01 hour from the time these orders are placed/ created by customers online.
  2. For example, if 24 hrs. delay is selected so this will keep the orders for next 24hrs on hold and then orders can be synced to Amazon after 24 hours for each order (from the time it gets imported to our app). And meantime the order status would remain as "delayed order" in our app before these orders sync successfully to Amazon.

Disable Order export to Amazon :

This setting makes it possible to disable the order export to Amazon based on predetermined criteria. For instance, if the parameters are set to total pieces = 5 or price = 50, and if the order exceeds the Item quantities or price limit as mentioned in App settings then the order will not be processed to Amazon.

Show Default TikTok shopping speeds relevant to order:

You can always use TikTok's default Shipping Rates and methods mapped to Amazon's shipping rates. As soon as you click on the Configure button you will see the below options.

In TikTok Shipping Methods, you can see all your TikTok store's shipping methods.
In Amazon Shipping Methods, you can see all the Amazon's available shipping methods.
If you want to map a TikTok shipping method with an Amazon shipping method, just select the available Amazon shipping method from the drop-down menu, and hit the Save button.

Amazon MCF Settings

The section contains all the settings that are related to your Amazon Marketplace.

Add New Amazon Marketplace: 
To add a new Amazon Marketplace, please click on the given option.

Auto Export Orders from TikTok to Amazon FBA: 

If you have turned on this toggle, then we will start exporting all the orders from your TikTok store to the Amazon FBA after every 60 min. Last Order Export Date: Shows the last time this synchronization had happened.

Auto Import Tracking of Orders from Amazon FBA to TikTok:

If you have turned on this toggle, then we will start importing order related tracking information from your Amazon FBA to your TikTok store. Last Tracking Import Date: Shows the last time this synchronization had happened.

Auto Import Inventory from Amazon FBA to TikTok:

If this toggle is turned on, then we will start synchronizing the fulfillable quantity of your items from your Amazon inventory to your TikTok store. Note: Inventory will only be synchronized for those products that have their SKUs mapped in our app. To check SKUs mapping, please go to our Products Linking page.

AI powered Inventory updates for low inventory SKUs (Beta):

If this toggle is turned on, then we will keep on syncing your low inventory Amazon FBA SKUs to your TikTok store locations, as quickly as possible.

Auto Sync Cancel Order from TikTok to Amazon FBA: 

If due to some reason one of your customers cancel a TikTok order OR you do it manually from your TikTok store, then to avoid this order's fulfillment OR to sync the cancelation status from TikTok to Amazon, simply turn-on this toggle.

Show Additional Settings (Including Inventory Sync settings):

You can configure this setting for each & every Amazon Marketplace, and as soon as you click on it, you will see the below options.


Set TikTok's Non-Amazon FBA Item Inventory To Zero:

If there are products that you fulfill from a warehouse that is not of Amazon's, then to prevent them from going out-of-stock on your TikTok store, select NO from the drop-down menu.

TikTok location to use for Inventory Update: 

From, this drop-down menu, you can select the location where you store your item's inventory. This will also help you in synchronizing the correct number of fulfillable quantity of items between your TikTok store and Amazon FBA warehouse.

Out Of Stock Quantity Buffer On Amazon: 

Whenever an Amazon item's inventory reaches OR goes below this entered buffer quantity, then this particular item's inventory will automatically be updated to 0 inside TikTok.

Default Packing Label Message:

If you want to forward a TikTok order note (the one that either got put by you OR your customer during the order creation) to your Amazon FBA, further print it on the Amazon packing label slip. 
  1. Select Yes from the "Default Packing Label Message" drop-down menu, and hit the Save button
If you want to print one standard message on all your Amazon packing label slips:
  1. Click on the "Add Label"
  2. Enter the default packing label message
  3. Hit the Submit button
Note: Make sure to hit the "Save" button, after modifying anything in this Marketplace Setting section.

Block orders from being shipped using Amazon Logistic:

If you want to block all your TikTok orders (including multi-channels) from being shipping via Amazon Logistics, select Yes, else No. If you specifically, want only your TikTok orders (excluding any other channel) to be fulfilled via Amazon Logistics, select "Must use Amazon Logistics for TikTok own orders only".

Export TikTok Orders as Blank Box Order to Amazon FBA:

  1. Select "Default (As per Amazon settings)", if you want Amazon to decide the branding of the packaging box i.e. (Blank box OR Non-Blank box). 
  2. Select "Prefer Blank Box For All orders", if you want all your TikTok orders (including multi-channels) to be branded under Amazon's Blank box. Note: Here, Amazon OR may not be able to fulfill your orders under their Blank boxes.
  3. Select "Must use Blank Box For All orders", if you want all your TikTok orders (including multi-channels) to be branded under Amazon's Blank box. Note: Here, Amazon will be fulfilling your orders under their Blank boxes.
  4. Select "Use Blank Box for other App orders only", if you want our app to manage your TikTok orders in such a way that it syncs any other Amazon FBA app's orders via Amazon's Blank box. 
In case,

Non-Amazon Channels

In case you have any Integration queries on Non-Amazon Channels, feel free to reach out to us at help@webbeeglobal.com.