TikTok: Amazon MCF by WebBee -app's complete feature list

TikTok: Amazon MCF by WebBee -app's complete features list

TikTok: Amazon MCF by WebBee -app's complete features list

Complete Features List

This below table shows the compatibility of the Amazon MCF app by WebBee with all TikTok plans.

Amazon MCF app Plans




Our app supports all TikTok plans.

Plans Coverage

Top FeaturesTrialStarterGrowthUnlimited
PricingFree$35 per month$70 per month$95 per month
Default Customer & Order data Sync50 orders per month500 orders per month1000 orders per monthUnlimited
Inventory sync from Amazon to TikTokUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Single OR Multiple Item Shipment Tracking Support from Amazon to TikTokYesYesYesYes
Support for Amazon MarketplacesUS onlyUS onlyUS onlyUS only
Products Linking between TikTok and Amazon via SKUsYesYesYesYes
Archive Item SupportYesYesYesYes
Out-of-Stock Buffer Quantity SupportYesYesYesYes
Amazon Packing Label Message SupportYesYesYesYes
Any Restriction During a Free Trial PeriodNo
Priority SupportYesYesYesYes
Support HoursUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated Customer Success Manager$300 per year$300 per year$300 per year$300 per year
Hold Orders SyncYesYesYesYes
Disable Order export to AmazonYesYesYesYes
Amazon Blank Box Support

Detailed Explanation of each feature

Default Customer & Order data Sync
As soon as an order gets placed via TikTok, it gets forwarded to Amazon FBA in every 60 min.

Customer name, shipping address, shipping method, item quantity get imported in every 60 min as part of order details.

The integrator is also able to import past orders through the Order Log page. 

Supports multi-channel order sync as default. Example: eBay, Walmart, etc.

Payment methods must be configured separately on both platforms.

Taxes must be configured separately on both platforms.

Discount codes must be created by the seller from the TikTok Admin panel. 
Inventory sync from Amazon to TikTok
Inventory sync will work every 20-30 mins between Amazon FBA and TikTok for all products who are more in the inventory.

For low inventory Amazon FBA SKUs, inventory sync will work every 3-5 mins (Beta).

Inventory sync will work for all individual Amazon Marketplaces.
Single OR Multiple Item Shipment Tracking Support from Amazon to TikTok
If a TikTok order gets fulfilled in multiple Amazon packages our integrator is able to handle them, further sync individual tracking numbers back to TikTok. 

Support for Amazon Marketplaces
The integrator supports only US Amazon FBA marketplace to help you fulfill orders.

Fulfillment is done based on the shipping address. 

For example, if your customer has entered the shipping address of the U.S., the integrator will try to fulfill (his / her) order from your Amazon U.S. FBA warehouse.

All functionalities of the integrator are supported by US Amazon marketplace.

Note: Amazon doesn’t support international shipping (outside of the US), so orders that have international shipping addresses will automatically be rejected by US FBA , but our integrator will notify you about it, so that you can fulfill them manually from your end.
Products Linking between TikTok and Amazon via SKUs
After the installation integrator automatically imports TikTok SKUs, and if they are the same on Amazon FBA, it automatically maps them.

If SKUs are different, the integrator also allows you to configure mapping manually using the Products Linking page.

The integrator also allows you to create and map bundles between similar OR different (TikTok | Amazon) FBA SKUs using the Products Linking page.

The integrator can also send you an email alert for the unmapped (TikTok | Amazon FBA) SKUs.

Every 6 hours, new TikTok products gets added inside the integrator automatically.

To immediately bring your new TikTok products inside the integrator, go to the Products linking page and click on Sync Item Manually button.
Archive Item Support
Archive item is an item that you are hiding from an Amazon FBA fulfillment.

Most useful use case:

If you are interested in fulfilling your TikTok SKUs from a non-Amazon FBA warehouse, simply archive them, using the Products Linking page.

The integrator also notifies you that an order has been placed with an archived SKU, so that you can fulfill it manually from your preferred non-Amazon FBA warehouse. 

Note: Inventory sync will not work for an archived SKU.
Out-of-Stock Buffer Quantity Support
Whenever an Amazon item's inventory reaches OR goes below this entered buffer quantity inside the integrator, this particular item's inventory will automatically be updated to 0 to prevent an over-selling.
Amazon Packing Label Message Support
The integrator also supports the sync of a TikTok order note to Amazon’s packing slip.
Any Restriction During a Free Trial Period
During a trial period, our integrator works at its full potential without any restriction on any of its functionalities.

Post-trial period OR usage limit, you will have to upgrade to either of our paid plans.
Hold orders.If you are using upselling applications like Zipify, etc., and allowing your customers to increase the order cart value, OR using some address validation applications, then you can still use our app to sync such held orders with a delay to your Amazon FBA marketplace for their fulfillment. 

By default, TikTok orders are imported to our app after every 60 min/ 01 hour from the time these orders are placed/ created by customers online. After that still if you wish you can setup a delay for given specified time slots..up to 72 hrs.

Disable Order export to AmazonThis configuration will help you to stop exporting of orders to Amazon FBA on basis of total pieces or total order value or both, if required.
Non-Amazon Logistics SupportThis configuration will help you block your multi-channel orders from getting fulfilled via Amazon's logistics support. 
Amazon Blank Box SupportThis configuration will help you ship your multi-channel orders via Amazon's Blank box facility. 


  1. The client is responsible for configuring, auditing, maintaining, and troubleshooting their Amazon FBA and TikTok accounts.
  2. Any functionality of the Auto Multi-Channel App not explicitly stated as in or out of scope requires further review by WebBee eSolutions Private Limited.

To a short demo of our app or in case, you have any questions OR need some assistance, you can always reach out to us at help@webbeeglobal.com.