What are the importance of Order, Inventory & tracking Sync?

What are the importance of Order, Inventory & tracking Sync?

It is extremely simple. While installing the Automated Multichannel Fulfillment App, you can enable the toggle button for syncing inventory, order and tracking as per your requirement in the On boarding steps.

Order Sync 
Real-time customer data sync from Shopify to Amazon
- For orders that have been accepted by Amazon, we synchronize in real-time.
- This synchronization involves customer data such as all billing & shipping addresses.
- Supports all customers.

Real-time order sync from Shopify to Amazon
- We import all orders such as (Accepted by Amazon, Rejected by Amazon, Risk Order, Error Order, Closed Order) in real-time.
- We allow re-submission of pending orders from our Order Log page.
- We also import Risk orders.

Inventory Sync -- Inventory sync from Amazon to Shopify for SKUs
If Shopify item SKUs and Amazon item SKUs are the same, then the Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app will automatically map the items from Amazon FBA to Shopify.
To map a certain Shopify SKU with an Amazon SKU, go-to the Order Log page, select the desired Shopify SKU, and hit the Update button.

Tracking Sync
Our Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment app synchronizes all orders (tracking numbers / information) from Amazon to Shopify.