What is the benefit of “Send Amazon Order Shipping Notification To Customer”?

What is the benefit of “Send Amazon Order Shipping Notification To Customer”?

You got an order great? Amazon FBA is about to ship it? Even more great. What's not great is that the majority of the Amazon FBA orders ships in multiple packages that creates a nightmare for all the Shopify merchants. Every time Amazon FBA ships a package, merchants have to update it back to the system, so that their customers can get the updated tracking links.

How can this be solved?

Amazon MCF app by WebBee can help you overcome this major challenge by automatically picking up the most recent package tracking link of an Amazon FBA order, further updating it back to its corresponding Shopify order, and triggering Shopify's API, so your end customer can receive its link.

How to configure it?
  1. Open our Amazon MCF App
  2. Go to the Configuration Page
  3. Expand the App settings 
Once done, scroll down to this "Order Shipping Email Notifications to Customer" drop-down menu, further, select "Yes" in either of your preferred platforms, and hit the "Save" button from the bottom of this section. Below is a screenshot to help you understand this visually.

Now, whenever Amazon FBA ships an order in multiple packages, our app will pick up all their tracking links, further update them back to Shopify, and trigger Shopify's API, so your end customers can receive these tracking links.

In order to customize the default email template of Shopify, please click here.

In case, you have any questions OR suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at help@webbeeglobal.com.