Why is only one shipping speed showing up?

Why is only one shipping speed showing up?

All valid Shopify shipping methods are shown. If there are Real time Calculated Rates are applicable for your store, please contact us @ help@webbeeglobal.com  / create a ticket for more info .
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      If you are planning to display Amazon's real-time shipping rates & dates to your customers during an order checkout, then you can always configure them using our Shopify Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app. Steps Go to the Apps section of your Shopify ...
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      Step 1: Open your Shopify store settings, click on the Shipping and delivery option, further click on the Manage hyperlink corresponding to whichever Shopify shipping rates i.e. (General, Custom) you have configured. Below is a screenshot to help you ...
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    • Why are Shipping Methods not visible to me?

      It usually happens when the customer is making an order from a country that you haven't set shipping rates or because the weight and price of their order isn't covered by your rates. There might also be a reason that customer is using third party app ...
    • Why to “Send Shopify Order Shipping Notification to Customer”?

      Open the App > Click on Configuration > Go to App Settings By Default Value is "YES" .  i.e. Customer will get emails notification about the shipping update from Shopify.