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Why my products inventory/ stocks not syncing from Amazon to Shopify via Amazon MCF by WebBee?

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If the Inventory is not syncing back to Shopify from Amazon seller. There could be some of the following reasons which might be interrupting the sync and the inventory/ stock is not syncing/ updating correctly from Amazon seller to Shopify products.

1. Inventory sync toggle is off:

Solution: This should be turned on for updated inventory / stock numbers from Amazon to Shopify for mapped SKUs under Auto Import Inventory from Amazon FBA to Shopify.

2. FBA Location is missing in our app:

Solution: The FBA location for its respective marketplace should be updated under Shopify location to use for Inventory Update as shown in below screenshot.

Amazon FBA Location Settings

3. FBA SKUs not mapped/ missing in our app:

Solution: Here check & review Shopify SKUs if mapped or not with Amazon FBA SKUs under Product Linking. To know more click here.

4. Using another 3rd party app to manage Inventory:

In case, you are using another 3rd party app to manage inventory simultaneously in Shopify while using our app. This will interrupt the automatic sync via our app.

Manage inventory in Shopify

Solution: Stop using 3rd party app for inventory or uninstall the same meanwhile using our app.

5. Updating Inventory manually in Shopify: 

If you are updating products/ SKUs manually in Shopify before Amazon, does it and syncs back the stock numbers to Shopify. Or making any manual changes to orders at Shopify (change in SKUs, quantity etc.) This will interrupt the automatic sync via our app.

Solution: Stop updating inventory manually and let our app do the job automatically for you.

6. Mandatory settings are not configured properly:

Due to some of the settings where Shopify products are not added with FBA location in Shopify In Shopify the SKUs (which are mapped under product linking in our app with their respective mapped FBA SKUs) should have this location addedThis will interrupt the automatic sync via our app.
For more on this click here.

Solution: Follow instructions above.

In case, you have any questions / want some assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

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