Why Robust NetSuite Integrator is better than other popular Shopify <> NetSuite connectors?

Why Robust NetSuite Integrator is better than other popular Shopify <> NetSuite connectors?

Standard workflows

Robust NetSuite Integrator offers pre-built workflows i.e. (no drag and drop) to sync orders, inventory, packages tracking, deposits, discounts, delivery & payment methods, inventory locations, and many more data flows between your Shopify store and NetSuite account.

Below are a few screenshots just to help you understand this visually.

You can learn about all the features of our integrator from here.

Field mapping

Whether it is a standard field OR a custom field for either a transaction OR an entity, our integrator supports them all.

You can learn about Fields Mapping in the detail from here.

Step-by-step troubleshooting guides

NetSuite is very big, and we know that not everybody understands what type of errors it gives, so to help our customers fix almost all of them all by themselves, we have created this dedicated troubleshooting section.

You can review our entire troubleshooting section from here.

No code onboarding

Step-by-step onboarding makes it easier for our customers to get started with our integrator in no time. The best part is that it doesn't require any coding OR external efforts from any NetSuite consultant.

You can onboard our integrator in less than 5 mins using these steps.


Robust NetSuite Integrator can be accessed right from your Shopify store (no need to log in separately to access our connector, it is natively built on Shopify), and is hosted on Amazon AWS to offer a best-in-class SLA.

Trial period

You can use the integrator free of cost for the first 50 orders, afterward, you can subscribe to either of its plans. Click here to learn more about the pricing.

About WebBee Global

The developer of the Robust NetSuite Integrator, WebBee Global is a reputed integration development company for ERP, Marketplaces, eCommerce Platforms, and EDI integration with expertise in Fulfillment, Shipping, Account, EDI, and Order management since the last 15 years. It has many successful integration apps for the fulfillment, shipping, and account to its credit across marketplaces and eCommerce stores.

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