Amazon MCF | Amazon Marketplace | SKU Mapping

How to add additional / multiple Amazon marketplaces inside our app?

Open the App > 
Click on Configuration >
Go to Amazon MCF Settings
(Please ensure prior that you are logged-in to your Amazon seller account as an admin user)

1. Click on Amazon MCF Settings under Configuration in our app.
2. Click on Add New Amazon Marketplace.
3. Add that new FBA marketplace you wish to add and click on connect. (If US is the existing FBA marketplace already, add another FBA. It may be a different FBA marketplace in your case.) This will take you to Amazon seller central page.
4. Once connected it will enable the connection automatically between BigCommerce store and Amazon seller via our app for newly added FBA marketplace. Also, it will take you back/ re-direct to our app again.

NOTE: for additional marketplaces, You do not need to map SKU and they are auto-linked if the SKU matches exactly.

Add multiple Amazon marketplace through Amazon MCF by WebBe

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