Neto: Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app Products Linking Page Overview

Neto: Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment app Products Linking Page Overview

Our products linking page contains:
  1. Two drop-down menus: 1) Account. 2) Filter.
  2. Two search fields: 1) Neto SKU. 2) Amazon SKU.
  3. Sync Item Manually Button, Update Button, and Archive Button.


From, here you can choose the available Amazon Marketplaces. Example: Amazon U.S., Amazon DE, Amazon U.K.


From, here you can filter the items that are either: Linked Items, UnLinked Items, Archived Items, Bundled Items, OR simply All Items.
  1. Linked Items: Are the items that have their SKUs mapped between your Neto store and Amazon FBA center.
  2. UnLinked Items: Are the items that have their SKUs not mapped between your Neto store and Amazon FBA center.
  3. Archived Items: Are the items that are Archived on our app. To know about what an Archive item is, please click here.
  4. Bundled Items: To know about Bundled items, please click here.
  5. All Items: Will show you all the items that you have on your Neto store.

Search fields:


If you want to search a Neto SKU, just enter it in this "Neto SKU" field and hit the Search button.


If you want to search an Amazon SKU, just enter it in this "Amazon SKU" field and hit the Search button.

Sync Items Manually button:

Every 6 hours, our app automatically synchronizes new items from your Neto store, however, if you want to import new items before that, simply click on the Sync Items Manually button, and refresh the page after some time (5 - 10) minutes.

Update button:

By default, our app will automatically map SKUs between your Neto store and Amazon FBA, if they are the same. In case, they are different, then it will leave the Amazon SKUs field empty, further, you will have to map them manually after clicking on the Update button. 

Once, you click on the Update button you will see these below-displayed options.

In the SKU field, simply enter the missing Amazon SKU, and hit the Submit button.

Our app also supports bundling, so if you want 1 Neto SKU to ship the "X" quantity of items from your Amazon FBA, simply enter this quantity in the "Quantity" field, and hit the Submit button. You can also create multiple bundles for the same Neto SKU using the Add New Bundle SKU button.

Archive button:

To know, about this button please click here.

In case, you have any questions OR want some assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

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