Bundle Items Mapping

How to set correct mapping of Bundled items ?

Item Bundling:

In case you have the requirement of selling the items on Packs , so that if someone orders an item on Big Commerce but you may need to ship quantity more than 1 for that item, then please use this feature.
Our app also supports item bundling, so if you want 1 BigCommerce SKU to ship the "X" quantity of items from your Amazon FBA, simply click on the Update button corresponding to a BigCommerce SKUs, enter the number of items you want to ship from your Amazon FBA warehouse in the "Quantity" field, and hit the Submit button.

You can also create multiple bundles for the same BigCommerce SKU using the Add New Bundle SKU button.

So , if you have a pack of 3 items on Big Commerce, i.e. one item on Big Commerce will ship 3 items on Amazon. Please fill the quantity as 3 , for all other cases leave the default quantity as 1.

Map items settings

This is how it looks like : 

Item syncing dashboard

In case, you have any questions OR want some assistance, feel free to reach out to us at help@webbeeglobal.com.