WooCommerce and Amazon FBA Integration

WooCommerce & Amazon MCF via WebBee Integrator: How to get started with this?

Important steps to get started with WooCommerce and Amazon FBA Integration via WebBee Integrator app.

1. Sign-In to your WooCommerce Account.

to WooCommerce

2.  Now look for plug-ins and there add a new plug in->WebBee Integrator for WooCommerce

Just upload the above plugin for the reference.

WebBee Upload plugin

3. Click on dashboard under plugin- WebBee Integrator for WooCommerce once the same is added.

WebBee Integrator for WooCommerce

4. Now select the channel and fulfillment account 

Save and proceed.

Now select the channel and fulfillment account

You have installed WebBee Integrator for WooCommerce app now!!

WebBee Integrator Dashboard

If required, you can book a demo meeting with us using the below link. 

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