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How to set up product bundling using the Amazon MCF app?

Shopify bundle of similar products:

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Shopify bundle of different products:

Step 1:

Go to the Products Linking page. Turn on Enable Virtual Bundle toggle to enable you to create bundles. Now choose a parent Shopify SKU on which you have OR want to create a bundle, and click on the corresponding Update button. Note: In our case, it is Item 1 SKU.

Amazon MCF Product Listing Dashboard

Step 2:

Post click you will see this below-displayed pop-up in which you can add new products from the Add New Bundle SKU button. Once, you are done with the changes, simply hit the Submit button. Note: If you want 1 Shopify SKU to ship the "X" quantity of items from your Amazon FBA warehouse, simply enter this desired quantity in the "Quantity" field.

Link items SKUs

Step 3:

Repeat the process on all the Shopify parent SKUs, for which you want to create bundles. Once done, you will be seeing your Shopify bundles like this. Note: You can filter all bundles from the Filter.

Product linking dashboard‚Äč

Important Note:

Inventory of the parent Shopify SKU will be synced with the inventory of that Amazon FBA SKU that has the lowest available inventory. In the above-example: Item 1 SKU is the parent Shopify SKU and it is bundled with Item 1, 3, 4, and 5 Amazon FBA SKUs. Let's say that Item 5 has the lowest available inventory, so our app will sync this lowest available inventory to Item 1 SKU, so that it can be displayed on your Shopify store.

If any item of this Shopify bundle goes out-of-stock, then the entire bundle will be displayed as out-of-stock.

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